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Securities Deal

Account Opening Procedure

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your account application with us. To comply with the corresponding securities trading regulations and allow us to rapidly process your application, you are kindly advised to follow the procedures set out below in order to complete the entire account application process:

  • 1

    Please fill in all the relevant parts in the Account Application Documents. Any Account Application with missing and / or incomplete parts may lead to unnecessary delays. Any missing of significant information may even result in your application being declined.

  • 2

    Please fill in your personal details and read the "Declaration" section in the Account Application Form carefully. You are required to sign and date in the Account Application Form.

  • 3

    Please read through the whole set of Account Application Documents and write down your name, passport or identity card number together with your dated signature. If you have any query, particularly in relation to "Risk Disclosure Statements", please contact our Relationship Manager or Account Administration Staff immediately.

  • 4

    Please note that your account will not be opened unless your application has been accepted by us. Acceptance of your account application requires a signature of an authorized person of our company. The account opening document should be witnessed or certified by a specific financial intermediary, an affiliate of a licensed or registered person, a JP (Justice of the Peace), or a professional person such as a branch manager of a bank, certified public accountant, lawyer or notary public.We will wait for your instructions to send you a copy of the Account Application Documents which have been signed by both parties for recording purposes. If applicable, we will notify you separately in relation to margin financing.

  • 5

    Please send us your completed and signed Account Application Documents by hand or mail. Together with the above documents, please attach with the following:
    - Your passport or identity card (Need to be certified as true copies by our company. If you have any query, please contact us immediately.)
    - Your residential and / or correspondence address approval (eg, Bank Monthly Statements, Water Bills, Electricity Bills and similar documents)
    - Passport or identity card of the ultimate beneficiary owner (if applicable, need to be certified as true copies by our company.)
    - Passport or identity card of the person(s) who is (are) authorized to give instruction(s) in relation to your securities trading account (if applicable, need to be certified as true copies by our company.)

  • 6

    If you (applicant) are not the beneficial owner of this account, you must provide us with the name, address and contact telephone number of the ultimate beneficial owner

  • 7

    In regards to the information of Account Terms and Conditions, Commission and Fees & Charges, please browse our company website.

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